nomen rosae absolue

Castello di Ama

nomen rosae absolue


One day in May, at Ama, along a stone wall, one is destined to meet the scent of a rose, ancient andtimelessly unmistakable. The creative spark is triggered, spiraling us toward its fragile intensity .A scent of home, of caresses,of subtle voices.

“For this second olfactory tale,I was inspired by a blossoming rose at Castello di Ama.”

Michele Marin, the magisterial nose of Infragranti Parfumeur, has created the epitome of a rose extendingeven to the profound beauty of its petals.

A core and a heart beating of rose, with hints of cassis and chili pepper and of patchouli and benzoinstrengthening the bright and arcane structure of Nomen Rosae, confounding the senses in an elegant andwhispered embrace

Blackcurrant, Lici, Lily of the valley, Rose, Red Chilli, Patchouli, Vetiver, Musk, Benzoin, Iris
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