iris mater

Castello di Ama

iris mater


The garden that surrounds Ama is a hymn to the morning and to its crisp coolness. The irises bathe in the dew, the rose petals and the jasmine hedges sparkle in their delicate beauty. The sun is now at its highest, and along the low walls of the ancient borgo, the Iris Fiorentina enjoys its finest moment in the full light of day.

“I tried to infuse into this fragrance all of the nobilityand character of the iris, along with the delicacy and the distinctive personal style of Lorenza Sebasti. Iris Mater is my olfactory portrait for her.”

Michele Marin, the magisterial nose of Infragranti Parfumeur, has interpreted, in an admirably authentic manner, the nuances of the quintessence of iris which conveys, in its intimate, what it means to be woman and mother.
This precious Eau de Parfum celebrates the elegant beauty of a memory (of an infant) of the warmth of its mother’s embrace.

Bergamot, Violet Leaves, Cyclamen Leaves, Osmanthus, Rosa Damascenas, Patchouly Indonesie, Iris Co2 Extract, Santal East Indie, Iris Absolute, Muschi
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