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Tours and Tastings

Our tour allows guests to visit Castello di Ama in its entirety: the winemaking room and refinement cellars, the village with its chapels, the eighteenth-century villas and their gardens.

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Il Ristoro di Villa Pianigiani

Il Ristoro di Villa Pianigiani is situated in the village centre. Diners enjoy cuisine based on local produce paired with the fine wines of Castello di Ama.

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Our Suite

Staying in our discreet and discerning suite is a memorable experience. The eighteenth-century Villa Ricucci provides five suites that preserve the original architecture and ambience.

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The Fragrances

"Ama is a haven of untouched beauty, where nature delivers aromas at their most intoxicating. Local herbs and spices create perfumes, delicately aromatic candles and home fragrances."

Lorenza Sebasti