Il Ristoro di Villa Pianigiani

Dining out on the land

Villa Pianigiani is a centuries-old residence whose principal floor accommodates guests in private rooms adorned with original frescoes and fireplaces. Every room vaunts a romantic ambience.

In the summer, the two magnificent terraces bask in the quietude of the surrounding vineyards and historic hamlet. Il Ristoro di Villa Pianigiani delights diners with timeless and traditional Tuscan cooking, serving authentic dishes ennobled with the estate’s own extra-virgin olive oil.

The menu changes with the seasons with recipes centred on the vegetables grown in the estate’s kitchen garden and ingredients from local farms, all served with Castello di Ama wines that enhance the flavours.

Il Ristoro di Villa Pianigiani is open daily, apart from Tuesdays, from noon to 10 pm

Reservation: +39 0577 746191 - WhatsApp +39 392 9173245


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Telefono +39 0577 746191 - WhatsApp +39 392 9173245