Iris Mater
Iris Mater Iris Mater

“One May day, many years ago, I came to Ama for the first time. The intermittent rain that had followed me all the way from Rome stopped suddenly. When I saw this hamlet of pale stone houses outlined against a cloud full of dark grey clouds, I thought I’d stepped into an old black and white photograph. But Ama had no intention of giving me a black and white welcome: it reached out to me with splendid splashes of colour – a cloud of purple irises. The spirit of that flower, with its motherly shape, brought back memories of my own mother who had raised me and about whom a delicate scent of iris always hung. This is why embraces, affection, welcome and warm heartedness will always possess a faint hint of iris for me. I have attempted to blend the nobility and distinctive character of iris in a perfume of great delicacy and personal style – an intimate, velvety scent that expresses what it is to be a woman and a mother. This precious Eau di parfum celebrates the elegant beauty of a childhood memory with all the warmth of a mother’s embrace.”

Lorenza Sebasti Pallanti

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