Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva 2018

At 450–550 metres of altitude, Ama’s hill plots have never offered good grape yield but do produce a very fruity, subtle, stylish EVO. We cultivate four fundamental varieties: Correggiolo, Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino, in addition to some pollinators trees.
Production per tree is normally very low. An adult tree yields a maximum of 12-14 pounds of olives, equal to about 2 pints of oil.
The crop of the olives is entirely carried by hand during the month of November and the olives, arranged in layers, are brought immediately to our mill (frantoio) in order to avoid the start of a process of oxidation. This is one of the principal factors of the success of our oil.
The olives are gently broken up by a modern equipment and the oil is extracted with the use of a decanter operating as a centrifuge. Once the oil is extracted it is preserved in climate-controlled steel containers, protected from the air and the light.
Castello di Ama’s olive oil is normally greenish in colour. With the aging our oil takes on a more yellowish colour. At the nose it is fruity, fresh with nuances of chlorophyll.

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