E Poi La Notte
E Poi La Notte E Poi La Notte

There’s a full moon hovering over Ama’s flower-filled garden, where Nature has artfully mingled tuberose with jasmine. E poi la notte leads you through the garden, where the moon stirs the heart’s deep memories.

E poi la notte is an intensely floral mix of mandarin, tuberose (Polianthes), jasmine and sandalwood.

Fiorita Intensa

Mandarino, Gelsomino, Fiori di Tuberosa, Legno di Sandalo

All Castello di Ama’s candles and sprays are made from selected Italian raw materials, and are hand-crafted at every stage of production. Our wax consists of carefully chosen vegetable wax, paraffin and natural oils. The wicks are inserted manually. Each of our household fragrance sprays creates a scent-ambience; fragrances can be sprayed on to soft furnishings, curtains, cushions and carpets. Sprayed from at least 10cm (4”) away, our fragrances leave no mark.

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