«Credo bene che gli Artisti trovino grandi ispirazioni dal luogo!» F. Maccianti

“I certainly do believe that artists find great inspiration at Ama!” declared F. Maccianti.
A classical pianist with a predilection for jazz rose to the challenge of taking the measure of Ama and creating something distinctive that would reflect it. Thus “Songs for Ama”, composed and recorded at the winery, accompanied the inauguration of artist di Nedko Solakov's installation.


[1] - Song for Tex
[2] - Passo a due
[3] - Tutto il mondo che sento
[4] - Cubic Dance
[5] - Details
[6] - L'anacoreta
[7] - The Unknowing Face
[8] - L'asceta
[9] - Giorno senza te

all compositions by / solo piano performance:

Francesco Maccianti

produced by: Bruno Grotto for Almar | Agorà

recorded in: Ama (15/09/2007)

mixed and mastered by: Daniele Trambusti

photos: Carlo Fei

cover work: Nedko Solakov ("amadoodles" artwork, detail - 2007)

graphic artwork: Graziano Ramina

thanks to Bussotti & Fabbrini (piano)

special thanks to Marco Pallanti and Lorenza Sebasti

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Price: €20,00

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