Castello di Ama’s fine distilled spirit is a grappa made in a traditional single-batch pot still from the highest-quality pomace of Sangiovese grapes from the Bellavista Vineyard.

To produce an exceptional grappa, one must start with base material of uncompromising quality, exactly like making a fine wine. Therefore, for our distilled spirit we use only and exclusively the ripest Sangiovese grapes.

As the harvest approaches, numerous aromatic compounds accumulate in the grape itself.

After the newly-made wine, from the Bellavista Vineyard, is drawn off, the fresh pomace is drained, not pressed, so that it preserves its freshness and retains some of the superb Chianti Classico wine that has been in contact with the grape skins during the entire post-fermentation maceration process. The pomace is then sent immediately for distillation. Castello di Ama’s distilled spirit, then, has the enviable advantage of deriving from the most aromatic part of the grape.
It is an exemplary, youthful, uncompromisingly genuine grappa that unmistakably and eloquently expresses the grape variety that produced it.

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