2017 – Roni Horn – Untitled

In Untitled (“One can recognize…”), Roni Horn has sited a round glass element in a rustic room tucked away in one corner of the Villa Ricucci. The artist has staged an unmediated encounter, precisely scripted yet metaphorically open, with the inherent properties of her chosen material. The sculpture embodies the paradox that the more transparent something is, the more mysterious it becomes. Resting low on the packed earth floor, it is illuminated solely with natural light from a single northeast window, and its colour alters with the hours of the day and the changing seasons—at times a very pale white, at times a faint bluish hue. The specific light quality of Chianti is thus given a material presence that resembles a complex landscape. It is as if Horn has brought the moon indoors. The dialectical interplay between light and glass precipitates in the viewer an awareness of the instability and mutability of perception and identity.

Philip Larratt-Smith

Interview Roni Horn