Ama, the fragrances

Catch even a subtle whiff of scent and you have begun a journey. Perhaps through time, often in space, and always through your memory. The nose is our most sensitive organ, leading our mind, by the hand as it were, through the forest of our memories. Whether because, returning home to town some days, we would like to still perceive that special fragrance enjoyed just a few hours before at Ama and thanks to In Fragranti Parfumers a professional team the idea came to us of preserving the quintessence of certain distinctive days spent working in the fields.

These fragrances, then, are the fruit of a shared passion, for conjuring up the beauty of a stroll in the vineyards as spring is approaching, or capturing the smell of a lively fireplace in winter, or even the delight of walking through the flowering broom on a warm summertime evening.

So, let us unveil the real reason for our project, to make it possible for others to sense and appreciate the beauty of this far corner of Chianti, and to make our own the words of Seneca:

“Nothing of one’s own is beautiful unless one has friends to share it with.”

Wrap yourself in the essence of the home fragrances and heat eau de parfum iris mater.

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