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Castello di ama is located in the hamlet of Ama, near the village of Lecchi in Chianti, in Siena province
Postcode: 53013
GPS coordinates: LAT: 43° 26′ 28′′ N   LONG: 11° 23′ 21′′ E

Helicopter Landing Area

GPS Coordinates : LAT: 43°26’36.4″N   LONG : 11°23’12.3″E

To contact:


L’Enoteca (wine bar), Visit and Tasting

Il Ristoro (restaurant)

Driving Directions

From the North
On the Autostrada del Sole A1, take the Firenze Impruneta exit and then the Superstrada towards Siena. Exit at San Donato in Poggio, then go left towards Castellina in Chianti, until you get to the town.
Drive through Castellina in Chianti, go straight for about 3 Km, then turn right following the indications towards Radda in Chianti. When you’ll get to La Croce ( a small village 1 km before getting to Radda), turn right towards Lecchi and San Sano. Keep the road for 7 Km and you’ll find the turnoff to Castello di Ama on you right. (Don’t follow the indications towards Casanuova di Ama)

From the South
On the Autostrada del Sole A1, going towards Firenze, take the Valdichiana exit and then take the Superstrada towards Siena at the 46th km (you can find the km signs on the left of the road). Drive for 38 Km until Km 8 and 7. Take the Casetta / Montaperti exit. Keep the road for 8 km until you reach the beginning of the Siena/Montevarchi SS 408 road (at Pianella), then turn right towards Montevarchi / Gaiole in Chianti. In 10 Km (look on the right side of the road for the sign “Km 19”), take the turnoff on the left towards Lecchi in Chianti. Drive through the village of Lecchi and 2 Km later, turn left following the indications for Castello di Ama

Distances from:
– Florence 75km (about an hour and 15 minutes)
– Arezzo 65 (about an hour and 30 minutes)
– Siena 25km (about 45 minutes)