Ama, the vineyards

ama The vineyards of Castello di Ama cover 80 hectares (198 acres) within a three-kilometre radius of the hamlet of Ama. At altitudes ranging from 450 to 550 metres above sea level, they lie in four splendid valleys whose names have been handed down from generation to generation: Bellavista, San Lorenzo, Casuccia and Montebuoni.

Vigneto Bellavista Covering 23.76 hectares (58.71 acres), the south-south-west facing Bellavista vineyard is on mainly rocky soil of clay and limestone. Most of this land was purchased in 1972. Since 1978, the grapes from Bellavista have been used to make the prestigious ‘Vigneto Bellavista’ Chianti Classico cru, produced only in the very finest years; the vineyard also hosts the small plot that gives rise to the granddaddy of all Tuscan Merlot varietals – ‘L’Apparita’, first produced in 1985.

Vigneto La Casuccia also purchased in 1972, extends over 18.5 hectares (45.7 acres) of clay-rich soil, with some pebbly or gravelly parts. It faces west-south-west. Carefully selected grapes from this vineyard are used in the prestigious Chianti Classico cru ‘Vigneto La Casuccia’.

Vigneto San Lorenzo takes its name from the beautiful valley in front of the two villas eighteenth Pianigiani Ricucci and where there is a church located in the center of the village of Ama dedicated to the saint. It was acquired from the estate in 1972. The total area is 19,17 ha has a exposure to the east-southeast. The soil is calcareous with a fair amount of shale.

Vigneto Montebuoni takes its name from the small village that overlooks. The vineyard was acquired in 1997. The area amounts to 14,31 ha hectares and has a south-southwest. The soil is quite varied: rich in clay in the lower parts and strongly calcareous and stony slopes in the higher.

Ama, olive groves

News of olive cultivation in Tuscany you have since the mid-seventh century. BC, a time when the Etruscans obtained oil mainly from wild plants, as well as for food, for lighting and for cosmetic use. In the fifteenth century. Tuscan oil begins to travel the Italian market, being appreciated for its organoleptic characteristics. The hilly terrain of Ama, placed between 450 and 550 meters above sea level, has always been dedicated to olive growing quality, capable of generating an oil very fruity, fine and elegant albeit with limited production per plant. The total assets of the company is about 9,000 plants conducted both in the specialized olive groves, with different planting patterns, which in traditional terraces.

The division consists of four cultivars varietal fundamental: Correggiolo 50% – Moraiolo 23% – Frantoio 8% – Leccino 4% – oltre al 15% of pollinator varieties.